Scottish and Irish Romanticism

Author: Murray Pittock
Type: eBook
Date Released: 2008
Format: pdf
Language: English
Page Count: 296
Isbn10 Code: 0199232792
Isbn13 Code: 9780191528385

Review It is difficult to do justice in a short review to a work of the depth and complexity of Scottish and Irish Romanticism ... this magisterial, intricate book is an important and nuanced challenge to the postwar version of literary Romanticism. Jane Moore, Estudios Irlandeses what has been put forth here concerning Scottish and Irish Romanticism has been singularly well established... Undoubtedly, no one will be able to speak to this subject or the Scots and Irish authors included here without conceding and being grateful for such definitive work on the subject as Scottish and Irish Romanticism. I know that I shall return to this book repeatedly, and I urge all partisans of all nations of Romanticism to do likewise Laura Dabundo, Wordsworth Circle ambitious ... a major contribution to Romantic studies as well as Scottish and Irish scholarship Fiona Stafford, Eighteenth-Century Scotland a powerful book. Dams that have long kept the Lakeland valleys safe and dry are here overwhelmed. Pittock has opened up the study of Romanticism in the British Isles in ways that recent champions of an array of marginalised writers and topics have not. This is a book that throws open the windows and unlocks the doors. Alan Rawes, Studies in Hogg and His World ...unusually nuanced Modern Language Review The book manages to bring off a number of interesting and even impressive feats...Pittock succeeds with verve, directness and acumen...What will have to be faced, following Pittock's opening up of the field, is a properly comparative analysis Joep Leerssen, Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies Thought-provoking ... concludes that dialogue across cultural difference is the way forward Forum for Modern Language Studies An outstanding contribution. The book's comparative reach sets it apart and confirms the leading role that Murray Pittock has played in the reorientation of British literary studies. Indispensable reading. SLR As good as it gets you may have to dig a little harder with this book but you will be rewarded over and over. Pittock has succeeded in his quest to move Scottish and Irish literature back into the academic arena. Wow ! What a masterpiece. Pittock's Scottish and Irish Romanticism makes the most concerted attempt to reclaim Romanticism as a project, a cultural politics, within the expanded field of an archipelagic or four-nations historiography. MLQ this book will be a stimulating read for Irish Studies scholars an important addition to the growing field of British Isles Romanticism 'fratriotism' and this promises to be an epithet that will gain significant critical currency in future years ... deserves special praise ... a groundbreaking discussion of formative Scottish and Irish involvement in the liberation struggles of colonised nations across the globe. In their response to the tour de force that is Scottish and Irish Romanticism, readers might be forgiven for thinking that both the wealth of new context material in evidence here and Pittock's desire to restore critical reputations would suggest that there were actually two separate, if equally important, books to be found in this study: one on Romantic precursors and one on fratriotism. And yet it is entirely to the author's credit that this exciting and energetic monograph manages to sustain its dual interests throughout with ease, wit and confidence. Irish Studies Review About the Author Murray Pittock is Professor of Scottish and Romantic literature at the University of Manchester and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh; he previously held the Chair in Literature at the University of Strathclyde. His research on Romanticism, Jacobitism, and national identity is internationally recognized: his most recent publications include iThe Reception of Scott in Europe/i (2007) and the co-edited iEdinburgh History of Scottish Literature/i (2006). A previous holder of the British Academy Chatterton lectureship in poetry and the Royal Society of Edinburgh's BP Humanities Research Prize, he is planning a series of events to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Burns' birth in 2009.

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